Word fields not updating

Word provides the means to format the contents of fields inserted into the document, by the use of 'switches' or masks.The full range of these switches can be found at the end of this page.Each available switch and option for the field is listed and described on the Field Specific Switches tab.To add one of them, select it and click Add to Field (see Figure 16.3).In the following example using data from an Outlook contacts list, I have prepared a simple Directory (Catalog) merge which includes various fields and associated text depending on whether the fields have content.With the three records used for the illustration, one of the conditionally included fields and text does not appear.NOTE The Field Options dialog box doesn’t do anything that the check boxes and lists in the Field dialog box don’t do, but the description of each option in the Description area of the Field Options dialog box can help you figure out what a particular option does. However, you can’t manually type the curly braces, because Word won’t recognize the code as a field.

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To edit the field switches, toggle between the field display and the result with ALT F9 or use Tools The F9 key will update the field content to reflect the changes, or you could use macro code to update all the fields in the document.Unlike the text you normally compose, dynamic text changes to reflect a number of factors.These dynamic elements are added to a document by using fields.Field code syntax Field codes appear between curly brackets ( ).By Dan Gookin The phrase “carved in stone” refers to text that doesn’t change.