Online web cam

You've been missing out on a whole lot of fun then. Great webcams from leading brands like Creative, Logitech and Microsoft start can be ordered online and start at under . All of these work with Cameroid and should be very simple to install.

Cameroid allows you to take photo snap shots of yourself as if you were in a photobooth, using your webcam or any digital camera connected to your PC, then you can enjoy all the fun face deformation and masking tools.

You can use Turn Camera to help put your makeup on.

If you don't have a makeup mirror, Turn Camera will act like an online mirror and let you see yourself as you apply the makeup.

Upload recorded videos straight to Google Drive, You Tube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Compress recorded files before sending them online for even faster uploading to share with friends, family, teachers or clients.

Get unlimited video recordings and record videos of up to 30 minutes length in the Professional plan. You can select an internal or USB camera and any internal or external microphone as input.

Depending on the resolution of your camera, you can record videos at 360p, 480p or 720p (HD resolution).

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The chat service will request you to configure your chat room and give you room host abilities.

Our recorder is part of the Clipchamp Convert/Record/Edit/Compress product.

Sign up for free and record 5 videos per month, the maximum length per video is 5 minutes.

Videos are saved in a modern format that plays on any device.

You can also compress the recorded file and reduce its size for easier storing.