Exchange rus not updating

Recipients (contacts, DL’s and Mailboxes) created within the Exchange enabled Active Directory Users and Computers are referred to as “” – essentially they have a few properties set by ADUC – however the other key properties are retrospectively and asynchronously completed via the RUS.

Within an Co-Existence model – Exchange 2003 based recipients will have the following properties configured by the RUS: However for pure Exchange Exchange 2007 recipients most of the above has been dispensed with – essentially recipients are fully configured when the are created via the EMC or the EMS.

Exchange 2003 already passed the date of support cycle on April 08 2014 but removal has not been so easy for many organizations.

The reason is the multiple components needs to be transferred to Exchange 2010 because of new design model of Exchange. Remove Public Folder Replica of 2003 server from Exchange 2010 Public Folder Management MMC.

The "Recipient Update Service" (RUS) find each contact by runtime, based on this filter.

I've found a lot of information to solve the problem by using a wrapper class of exchange powershell in interaction of classic commandline arguments. I thought there should be a special command of "Exchange Web Services" (EWS) to get the dynamic members by runtime or by interop. Does anybody have an idea or some information to solve this problem via c#?

I was escalated a call today from one of my team members whom had found a user whom had left the company and then rejoined.

Due to our Mailbox retention policy we still had the old mailbox within the store (with the AD Account Disabled and hidden from the Global Address List) – therefore their account had been re-enabled, unhidden and after the usual period of replication the mailbox sprang to life in the store.

Right Click on the mailbox store in the Exchange system manager and select delete. Uninstall Exchange 2003 servers from Add / remove programs in the control panel.

Before I go on I would like to explain a little about the RUS within and “” environment with Exchange 2007.

In the old days RUS was used to find and configure recipients.

There are a handful of test mailboxes on our Exchange 2010 server, the rest are on Exchange 2003 and our Offline Address Book generation server is currently the Exchange 2003 server.

Yesterday somebody left the company, so we followed our normal procedure and hid them from all Exchange address lists and waited overnight for the Offline Address Book to be rebuilt.