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And in this blog post, I decide to go ahead and date a narcissist because hey why not?Sure, I saw the telltale signs from the beginning, but if you have learned one thing from Miss Kay’s Dating Diaries, it’s that I need to have a long-winded playdate with fire, maybe pick up a few fifth-degree burns, and then, only then, will I finally learn my lesson. A positive attitude brings out the best in people, even in the worst situations.

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Tim is a 30-year-old government employee who lives in downtown Toronto. But being 28 and divorced, I thought it was time for something new. I thought she was very cute; she seemed sweet, and she played the ukulele, which I loved.

He says he is “friendly” with “some ‘old man’ tendencies.” For fun, Tim likes to go to the gym, jog, take long walks around the city and go to the movies. I was single for only two months after getting divorced . We messaged back and forth a few times on the site, then switched to texting back and forth; she was undoubtedly trying to feel me out.

I am really hoping this time, things will just fall right into place like it does in the movies.

The man of my dreams is going to walk into my life any second now. And so the adventure begins…The Narcissist and I connected via Hinge on a Monday.