Assumptions limitations carbon dating

, Michael Hicks, head of history at the University of Winchester, and Martin Biddle, archaeologist and director of the Winchester Research Unit, raised concerns about the DNA testing, radiocarbon dating and damage to the skeleton.

Biddle also notes that the team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester is yet to make excavation field records publicly available.

Yet our beliefs and assumptions on this subject matter shape decisions in both our personal lives and public policy – decisions that have very real and sometimes unfortunate consequences.

2 (2009): 41-78] [pdf] The future of humanity is often viewed as a topic for idle speculation.

A life cycle assessment (LCA) helps to identify such impacts considering the entire life cycle of the process chains.

This paper reviews twenty-one studies that address the LCA of hydrogen production technologies, a majority of them employing electrolytic technologies.

There is some scientific debate about the accuracy of matching mitochondrial DNA in this way, but even if it is precise in this case, I’d argue it does not pinpoint these bones as Richard’s.

The GWP contribution of the electrolyzer unit is relatively small (e.g.

only about 4% in wind based electrolysis including hydrogen production and storage systems).

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